Sunday, July 4, 2010

Holiday Weekend

I hope everyone is enjoying there 4th of July weekend. Unfortunately I am spending my whole weekend indoors doing school work. This has been a rough term for me and I cannot wait until it is over. I worked on my research paper all day yesterday and most of today (Sunday). I have finally finished it except for a little more proof reading. I have another paper due in week 10 for another class that I have not even started yet along with another project that goes with my final exam. I will spend my Monday off of work working on that. I did take a break yesterday and went for a walk. My neighborhood was like a ghost town. No one was outside and the houses were all closed up. I think I was the only one home in the block. Well back to my studies for now. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.

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  1. Mary - our neighborhood was like that as well over the weekend. Weird!